Sally Hansen creme hair remover: a review

I know how important it is for some of you to have “pin up skin.”  It is important for me as well.  I’ve been breaking out a lot lately and I’m blaming stress and an irregular menstrual cycle.  But pin up skin isn’t just clear skin; it’s also what seems like hairless skin.

You must already know what I’m going to talk about: lady stache.  Yep, that hair on your upper lip.  Some women are lucky enough to have an almost unnoticeable stache, like me.  Others have to wax, bleach, or remove it.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I went to Walmart this weekend, but I purchased the Sally Hansen creme hair remover for $5.47.  I enjoy giving new products a chance, so I did.


I read the instructions and followed them.  Just like a goody-two-shoes.  It said I should first try it out on my arm and if no redness or burning occurred, my face would’ve been fine.  Sally lied.  Sally lied big time.

It only took four minutes for my face to feel as if it was being greeted by Satan himself at the gates of hell.  I wiped the product off with some damp toilet paper and saw how the hair easily came off but was left with a chemical burn moustache.  My upper lip began sweating excessively which only made matters worse.  The sweat made the burning sensation go up a notch and as I patted my upper lip with  some tissue, I noticed it was numb.  Numb and burning at the same time.  Do you believe in magic?  Sally does.

I searched for reviews on this product on YouTube after my experience and to my surprise, most women went through the same thing.  I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.  The chemicals are too harsh (why is this thing even approved to be used on one’s face?)  Although it does do what it’s supposed to: remove your lady stache, it also leaves another: one of dry, flaky, chemically burned skin.

Stick to waxing, ladies.  This thing is not painfree, it’s not gentle, it does not smell like vanilla.  It’s fast, becase you won’t be able to leave it on for more than 4 minutes.


stache1 stache
Same pictures but I played with the brightness and contrast of the one on the right.


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