Pin Up Passion Makeup Brushes 10% Off!

Not too long ago, Sorelle from Pin Up Passion launched her shmancy (let’s make that a word!) set of makeup brushes.  I remember searching for them each day during christmas time just to see if there were already available, but they weren’t.  So, no.  I didn’t get this for Christmas, unfortunately.


Shortly after, I went to a makeup seminar in my home town.  We were told we would receive makeup brushes just for attending, but was dissapointed to find out we only got four.  I was still dreaming about these.  When they became available, I was so focused in paying off my Paris trip, that I forgot to put aside the almost $50 this baby costs.

This glamour tool kit includes 11 brushes, each one specially designed for each area of the face.  You’ll get the following:

  • kabuki foundation
  • flat foundation
  • powder
  • bronzer
  • contour
  • concealer
  • eyeshadow
  • eyeshadow blending
  • eyebrow and eyeliner right angled
  • eyebrow and eyelash
  • lipstick brush


Not sure how to use these?  Not to worry!  With your purchase, you’ll also get instructions!  AND!  There’s a money back garantee 🙂  But I doubt you’ll want to return this set.

I’ve been reading and watching reviews (blogs and YouTube) and 99% of them are super positive.  This brush set is only available in the US (for now– don’t worry International gals!) and it’s being sold for $47.99… BUT!  Sorelle gave me a code to share with you guys to save you 10%!  Don’t you just love discounts?

In order to use the code, you must click here! Or just go to and the code is…

Drum roll please!!


Go ahead and treat yourself!

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