I’m “All About That Bass” and here’s why


I was driving to San Juan the first time I heard this catchy tune.  I was sure it was the artist’s first single because I was not familiar with her voice.  After a little googleing, I learned a bit about Meghan Trainor and was happy to see she was really “not a size two.”  I was sad to learn some people missed the point of the song.  The words “skinny” and “shaming” have been all over my Facebook feed this week followed by the song’s title, “All About that Bass.”  We all know the booty is finally making a comeback in the music industry and I couldn’t be happier.  JLo’s “Booty” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” have been playing almost nonstop on the radio and Iggy Azalea’s lovely pear shape and big butt have been popping up on my Facebook newsfeed constantly.  I admit I do believe “Anaconda” shames skinny women… Well, sort of.  I’m sighing as I’m writing this sentence…. I know have to be very careful when talking about this subject.

Truth is that being skinny is seen as a form of privilege, just like being white, rich or heterosexual in our society.  It is a social benefit.  I believe skinny-shaming is criticism against someone who is already in a position of power.  Fat shaming, on the other hand, is criticism against someone who is not in said position.  Unfortunately, this form of shaming usually goes unacknowledged because we’re already used to it.  So why is skinny shaming causing such noise on social media?  It wasn’t such a big deal with Nicki Minaj’s song, which I consider to be harsh, so why are we freaking out with Meghan Trainor’s?  Oh, and Nicki Minaj used to be a skinny bitch.  Really, just google her.  Her body is the result of numerous plastic surgeries.  Maybe Trainor’s age and the fact that she has an even younger audience is what making poo hit the fan?Another thing that angers me is that people are only focusing on this:

I’m bringing booty back
Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches

“Oh my God!  Skinny bitches!  She is definitely skinny shaming.”  Um… No.  People conveniently forget to mention what immediately  follows the words skinny bitches:

No, I’m just playing I know you think you’re fat,
But I’m here to tell you that,
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

She’s playing, guys!  Meghan Trainor think’s you’re perfect even if you’re skinny and believe you’re fat.  So can we please let this go?  You can’t bring booty back because yours isn’t big enough?  Well, thigh gaps are in for some reason and no matter what I do, my thighs will always want to kiss and rub against each other just ’cause they’re sexy like that.  I was overweight for most of my life and just recently was able to shred 30 pounds.  I may be skinny now, but I’m still all about that bass.  I’m not saying skinny shaming is ok but I am saying skinny shaming and fat shaming are not equal.  Both are forms of body shaming but they are very different.

I think the song is a perfect first single for Trainor considering she doesn’t have the body of an ordinary pop star.  It’s a way of saying “hey, this is me, a singer who is not a size two like every other artist out there.”  Let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t have paid attention if the single was just another love song knowing she is slightly overweight.

The only thing that confused me a little about the video is the part when three girls / backup singers are shown.  They resemble an old Lime Crime campaign.  I believe it was called Pop Romance.  Here’s the evidence:



Hmmm.  Interesting…

What’s your take on this?  Are you all about that bass or not?

One thought on “I’m “All About That Bass” and here’s why

  1. I LOVE love LOVE this song! It really helps me, a bigger gal, feel more comfortable about being in my own skin. While society says I am obese, my man likes me for my curves and I need to except what is…I am a curvy hottie. 😉 ♥

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