Hello 90s

Chokers, jelly shoes and Tamagotchi are back but can we talk about things that won’t make 20-30 year-olds look like they’re suffering from nostalgia?

Slip Dress

Let’s start with the best example of a 90s babe, Jennifer Aniston. Who doesn’t remember Rachel from Friends? And who could forget the hair trend she started? In the 90s, Jen Aniston was considered a fashion icon and slip dress mania began.



Forever 21 has a nice variety of slip dresses. Whether you like the nightgown look or want for something more sophisticated, they have the perfect slip dress for you.

Mom Jeans



Ditch flared pants and bell-bottoms. Our Cindy Crawford / Pepsi dreams came true! Look relaxed but put together in your old Levi’s. If you didn’t keep your mom jeans 20-something years ago, do a little thrift shop tour. Relaxed fit jeans that sit at the natural waist paired with a belt and guitar-shaped belt buckle are a classic combo. Check out Topshop’s collection.

Chunky Heels / Box Heels


We can be comfy again as chunky heels are making a comeback! For a more modern take on this trend, click through GoJane’s site.

Now that your closet is updated, (it was so 2015) Rugrats marathon, maybe?

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