Garnier Olia: A Review


A couple of months ago, I dyed my hair red again.  After being a brunette for a

Garnier-Olia-1-610x610while, I got bored and realized that I was born to be a fake redhead.  I’ve been using Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in the shade Red (150) for years.  Pretty much since I graduated high school.  Colorsilk is great because it’s specifically for dark hair.  The downside?  It made my scalp itch and it stinks even though it says it’s ammonia-free.  It retouched my roots once a month and the dye only costs about $4, so I stuck to it.

One day, at Walmart, a black, fancy looking box caught my eye in the hair products section.  It was a hair dye: Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color.  The price was a little hefty for me: almost $9.  I knew I would give it a shot eventually.  Weeks later I bought a box and a week after that, another.

  • No ammonia
  • Vibrant color
  • Scalp comfort

Yes, please.

I opened the box and was immediately impressed.  I was used to getting a packet of after-color conditioner.  This time, I got an easy open tube.  The applicator itself looked really fancy and the gloves were made for pros.  They are very flexible and won’t break down so easily.  Also, the dye didn’t transfer onto my hands.


Unlike other dyes (Colorsilk included), you won’t take minutes to detangle your hair after washing it.  Whatever formula is in the conditioner, it’s magic.  You also get more product in the tube than in the ketchup packets from hell found in other dye kits.  Those take forever to open.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons.


  • Does not stink
  • Does not make scalp itch
  • Gloves are durable
  • Great packaging
  • Conditioner detangles hair
  • Leaves hair silky smooth
  • The color is SUPER vibrant


  • Price
  • Takes forever to wash out
  • Applicator takes some getting used to (it may slip off hands)
  • “Non drip” formula is a lie

Last words

This is a must have or at least, a must try.  And please don’t take the word “vibrant” gently… It’s really vibrant.  Keep in mind that some work places frown upon super vibrant hair.  6.60 Intense Red is super intense.  It’s so intense that I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks after a few washes because I preffer a more natural-looking red.  Put Garnier Olia permanent hair color in your shopping list.  You won’t regret it!

PinUp in Training


I posted this picture a couple of days ago on Facebook & I love how my make-up turned out:


     I decided to try to pursue not a career, but a hobby as a pin-up girl… And to try to take it seriously this time.  I was too self conscious when I first started.  My belly pooch and cellulite have haunted me since I was 16 years old.  The thought of having it show in a picture I didn’t have control of scared me.  I know Photoshop exists but what one sees as imperfections, isn’t always seen as such but other people.  In this case, a photographer.

     Other than insecurities, I hadn’t yet mastered the art of vintage hair styling.  I didn’t even have a curling iron and the only flat iron I had was a cheap one I got at Walgreens.  It didn’t do much to my thick hair.  I asked for a good (expensive) one for my birthday.  Now, my Corioliss flat iron is one of my best friends.  It’s not a big brand in the US, but believe me, it’s magical.  As for my curling iron, I trusted a friend.  She got one for $10 at T.J. Maxx (I don’t remember the brand) and it works perfectly.

     I wasn’t that good at make-up either.  The only thing I knew how to do perfectly was the cat eyeliner.  I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years.  As for applying eye shadow, I was a mess.


     A few weeks ago, I was looking for cherry print clothing to go along with Maraschino.  I found this cute romper on Sourpuss Clothing.  I was a bit disappointed when I got it, because the cherries are actually printed on (if you know what I mean).  I’ve had dresses like this and the print eventually fades.  I guess I’ll just have to take extra good care of it.

I did some exploring on the Sourpuss website and found these books:

bookmakeup    bookhair

They were on the pricey side but I splurged.  I figured I would save some time by not watching so many YouTube tutorials with cheesy intros.  I love these books because they actually teach you step-by-step how to do each look.  The make-up one is my favorite because it has “did you know” sections.  I love learning strange facts!

bookedit2    bookedit1

As for clothing, I think I’m ok.  I’ve had this book for a couple of years now.  It was expensive, but totally worth it.  It has history, old fashion trends, and how-to’s!   It’s now a lot cheaper.


bookface            Bookskirt

If you’re a pinup hopeful, you’ll find these very helpful!
Keep in mind that clothing and how-to books can be purchased, but confidence comes from within.  I don’t care how many self-help books are out there or how many men wolf-whistle at you.  If you don’t find what you see in the mirror beautiful, it’ll show through pictures.  Believe me, I know.  Learn to love yourself before spending money on wardrobe, accessories and photographers.  It may be difficult and it can take a long time but it’s free.

Try this:

Find something you like about your body, face or hair and compliment yourself.  It may sound silly, but it works.  Do this every morning when you get up.  It can be anything: lashes, beauty marks, eyebrows, feet.  Before you know it, you’ll end up loving yourself and accepting what you consider “flaws.”

Being a Pin Up isn’t easy and it can be expensive, but the point is to showcase your body as art.  Because, frankly, my dear, it is.



Not so long ago, I posted this picture on Facebook.  Only one person entered.  I decided to give you guys more time to think whether or not you want this great headband!  Of course you do!  It’s perfect for those rockabilly gals and pinup girls.  It’s reversible, so it’s like having two headbands for the price of one!  Haha.  


It’s easy to enter, just follow the instructions in the picture and click on it.  International participants are welcome!  I will ship anywhere in the world– Even Atlantis!  I know how much it sucks wanting something and not entering because the item won’t be shipped to your country.   Good luck!


Also, be sure to check out Sabbie’s!  They have cute stuff!