Current Favorites: Skin


Hey girlies!  I haven’t updated you on my “favorites.”  I believe it’s been almost a year since I last told you what I was absolutely loving.  I decided to start off with makeup/skin, just because I think it’s funner.  I will later share with you my current hair favorites.

Let’s start with skin protection.  I have really sensitive skin.  Just sneeze on me and I’ll break out in hives.  I know some of these things aren’t really “makeup products” but it’s better to apply makeup on skin that has been taken care of!

Dove Sensitive Skin Soap Bar


dove-skin-bar$3.47, Walmart

Yes, at $3.47 (for a two-pack) is pretty expensive, but if your skin gets easily irritated like mine, you will forever be grateful for this.  Of course, it’s unscented, sadly.  I’ve almost jammed it up my nose trying to smell it.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo


Shampoo$3.98, Walmart

I know what you’re thinking.  “But I don’t have a baby.”  Ok, you don’t have a baby, but if you do, save yourself some bucks buy using this as a makeup remover!  And if you’re not a momma, just get yourself a bottle.  It doesn’t dry my skin and it’s super gentle.  Removes makeup in no time.  It’s perfect for sensitive skin, unlike makeup removing cloths.  Those things leave red patches on my face.  No bueno.

Neutrogena Sport Face Oil-Free Lotion


neutrogena$9.97, Walmart ($12 if you’re in PR)

I’ve noticed my moisturizing lotion (with SPF 15) just wasn’t cutting it.  My nose was peeling due to sun exposure.  I had seen this at Walmart during one of my weekly grocery shopping trips but didn’t buy it because I thought it was expensive.  I regret not buying it sooner.  It doesn’t stink up my face like ordinary sunscreen, resists sweat (a big woo-hoo!) and it won’t clog pores.  Yes, it’s also water resistant (up to 80 minutes).  This blends smoothly and quickly onto my skin and applying makeup over it isn’t a hassle!  The best part?  SPF 70, baby.

L’Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

$10.97, Walmart

Do you believe in magic?  Get ready, ’cause you’re about to.  This foundation really impressed me.  Within seconds, my face looked as if I had already applied powder.  The down side?  It’s not for dry skin.  My skin was going through a dry phase at the time and this looked horrible.  After a few scrubs with my Baiden mitten, the problem was fixed.  Oh la la!  Matte skin!

BareMinerals Well-Rested Eye Brightener 


$18, Ulta

This thing really does brighten the under-eye area, making dark circles less visible!  But!  A tiny bit goes a long way!  Seriously, too much will make your face look oh-so-cakey.  Yuck! I don’t even remember how I found out about this product.  It was probably thanks to a beauty guru on YouTube.  Thank you, beauty guru!

Hopefully you’re willing to give at least one of these products a try.  I enjoyed trying out each and every one of these and I swear I’m sticking with them for at least a year.  Ok, maybe not.  (So many things to try out!)




Pin Up Passion Makeup Brushes 10% Off!


Not too long ago, Sorelle from Pin Up Passion launched her shmancy (let’s make that a word!) set of makeup brushes.  I remember searching for them each day during christmas time just to see if there were already available, but they weren’t.  So, no.  I didn’t get this for Christmas, unfortunately.


Shortly after, I went to a makeup seminar in my home town.  We were told we would receive makeup brushes just for attending, but was dissapointed to find out we only got four.  I was still dreaming about these.  When they became available, I was so focused in paying off my Paris trip, that I forgot to put aside the almost $50 this baby costs.

This glamour tool kit includes 11 brushes, each one specially designed for each area of the face.  You’ll get the following:

  • kabuki foundation
  • flat foundation
  • powder
  • bronzer
  • contour
  • concealer
  • eyeshadow
  • eyeshadow blending
  • eyebrow and eyeliner right angled
  • eyebrow and eyelash
  • lipstick brush


Not sure how to use these?  Not to worry!  With your purchase, you’ll also get instructions!  AND!  There’s a money back garantee 🙂  But I doubt you’ll want to return this set.

I’ve been reading and watching reviews (blogs and YouTube) and 99% of them are super positive.  This brush set is only available in the US (for now– don’t worry International gals!) and it’s being sold for $47.99… BUT!  Sorelle gave me a code to share with you guys to save you 10%!  Don’t you just love discounts?

In order to use the code, you must click here! Or just go to and the code is…

Drum roll please!!


Go ahead and treat yourself!

Girl Gift Guide!


I get it.  Girls are sometimes hard to shop for but it’s even harder to know exactly what you want for Christimas.  My mom asks me what I’m wishing for each year and I usually don’t know.  This year is different.  This year I became an ipsy subscriber and my mind was opened to the pretty world of makeup.  I can finally say, I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, MOM.   Yes, I can speak in all caps.  

If you’re a guy and have no idea what to get your girlfriend, because she simply doesn’t know what to ask for or wants to be surprised, I got ya.  Ladies, if you don’t know what you want, I bet you’ll end up asking for one of the following.


No brainer, right?  You might think it’s too easy, but it isn’t.  I believe perfumes are an intimate gift, because you have to know the person in order to know what she might like.  My current favorite is Poppy by Coach.  I discovered Poppy while trying to run away from a professional perfume sprayer at the mall.  I didn’t want to be a total sourpuss, so I did what most people do: extend an arm while your feet are still moving.  That way you get the goods but won’t have to stick around to listen to all the blah blah blah.  I had ran out of my previous perfume, Beyonce’s Heat.  I sniffed my wrist and was all ooh la la.  I bought it a few weeks later.


I know you’re all like “what does it smell like?”  It’s hard to describe a scent, so I’ll just tell you what says:

Sweetly scented jasmine and gardenia blend with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals in a pretty, lighthearted fragrance. 

Well isn’t that cutesy wootsy?  It smells good, that’s all you have to know.  Other perfumes I like are:

  • Heat by Beyonce
  • DKNY Be Delicious
  • Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
  • Ed Hardy Women

Still not sure?  Go to your local perfume shop and ask for samples!


Last year, Lime Crime gave us the gift of perfectly matte lips.  I remember I stayed up all night trying to purchase a Red Velvet Velvetine.  It was worth it.  It’s a hybrid between a lipgloss and a lipstick because it goes on like a gloss but dries like a lipstick.  I’ve never seen a lip product with such a matte finish.  They recently debuted a pink one, which of course, I slaved in front of the computer for hours to purchase it as well.  They sell for $20 and are sure to make an impression.


Makeup Storage

Months ago, I got one of those plastic drawers at Walmart.  I like it because it has wheels and I can easily move it around my room.  Each drawer is a different category: face, lips, eyes, nails, etc.  It’s getting pretty full so I’m considering getting a lipstick stand.  They look sleek and it’s a way to proudly display your lipstick collection (or those beautiful Velvetines!)  They sell for around $6 on


Want to go all fancy?  Get her an Icebox!  These are pretty pricey, though!  I’ve seen them sell for over $300!  They’re perfect to store all your makeup and are completely handmade!


Ice ice baby

Is she more into nails than makeup?  Not a problem!  Get her a nail polish rack!  They sell for $25 on Amazon.

Hair Stuff

I’ve read great reviews on the InStyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron.  If she’s one of those that have to wait a long time for their hair to dry, this is perfect for her.  I really can’t say much about it, because I don’t own one, but it’s definately a must-have!


She also needs to look at what’s she’s doing–in style!  I’ve always wanted one of these, but like the Icebox, it’s really expensive.  It costs $400, but hey, if you have the dollars, go for it.  It’s a Vanity Girl Mirror and it even has a dual power outlet (to plug your hair dryer, curling iron, etc!).  Great for doing makeup as well, of course!


The gift that keeps on giving

 An ipsy subscription would be perfect for a girl that likes trying out new brands!  It’s only $10 a month and you get a pretty makeup bag filled with 5 makeup products.  I’ve been a subbie since April and am impressed with some of the things they send.  Most bags have a value of $25+  Click here to check it out.

I hope this short list gave you an idea on what to give or what to ask for.  Another thing you can check out are holiday makeup palettes.  Urban Decay, Too Faced and lots of other brands usually debut their holiday palettes and gift sets around this time.  Sadly, I can’t review any of them because I don’t own one–yet.

I hope your December is jolly and Merry Christmas!

Life: An Update


 Where we left off

My last blog post was about my Urban Decay Giveaway.  You have until October 31st at 7 PM (Atlantic Standard Time) to enter.  This might help you if you’re like me when it comes to time zones.  I’ll do my best to get home before midnight to announce the winner.  If I can’t make it on time, I’ll let you guys know via Facebook.  If you’re interested in participating, click here for entry rules.

Activities and Fashion

I recently went to an antique car show in San Juan and met up with some of my friends.  Getting there was a hassle, especially after working until 4 AM the night before.  It was worth it, because we were able to take awesome pictures like these:





While we were there, a couple of little girls said I looked like Katy Perry.  They made my day!

What I wore

I wore my favorite high waisted shorts from Forever 21.  I got them almost a year ago, so they’re not selling them anymore.  Mine are really beat up and in need of a replacement.  I didn’t want to let them go, so I did what I always do:  hunt them down in Google Images.  After looking at dozens and dozens of pictures, I finally found them.  I discovered Poshmark, a place to sell and buy clothing.  Unfortunately, it isn’t Paypal friendly.  If you’re interesting in something, try negotiating with the seller.  I was able to pay mine for the shorts through Paypal and am now a happy camper.  Just because I found a replacement, doesn’t mean I will actually replace them.  I’ll now use the beat up pair for school and save the nicer looking one for other ocassions.

I got the retro car crop top on eBay and it was the very last one in my size!  (Am I the only one that feels like celebrating when this is accomplished?)  I first learned this perfect top existed a few months ago thanks to Ashley Marie Rosas.

As for shoes, I wore simple black ballet flats which can be found almost anywhere.  Mine are from Sears and are breaking down on me.  They’ve attained a weird shape.

This past Saturday, one of my bosses asked me to dress up for work.  There was going to be a halloween party, although it did not look like it.  I’ve noticed that people in my hometown, Ponce, aren’t very fun.  They let themselves be controlled by the thought “Oh, but what will they think of me?”  Only a handful of people went dressed up.  I saw a cat, some guy with a hat (yup, just a hat), and a minion.  My co-workers simpy took their shirts off and put on a bow tie and when asked what they were, they said “strippers.”  So creative.

I, on the other hand, didn’t really have a costume ready and went throught my closet.  I found everything I needed to dress as Daria (please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers that show), but realized I would be sweating buckets while working.  So me as Daria, was a no-no.

 The blazer / jacket is from Forever 21 and I got it a couple of years ago when blazers were really on trend.  I stole the  oreange tank top from my mom’s closet and the skirt is from Hot Topic.  I got it for $5 and  think that’s the only reason why I got it because it’s almost four years old and I’ve only worn it for about five minutes, the five minutes it took me to complete the look and get my phone to take this picture.

Those boots are Bongo.  My former housemate, Mariela, had a pair and she let me borrow them a couple of times.  I liked them so much I just had to get them and I did it though eBay.  I’ve been told they look like they were made for a wrestler.  They think this bothers me, when in reality it just makes the boots even more awesome.

After realizing Puerto Rico is too hot to wear a wannabe blazer jacket, I figured I should go with plan B, which didn’t exist at the time.  I looked in of my closets and found many fun things: full, red polkadotted skirts, a Pink Ladies jacket and my old Mario and Luigi caps.  The only outfit I could complete would’ve been a Super Mario homemade costume.  I thought about being dressed as Mario at the bar, but I wasn’t too fond of the idea of clients calling me Mario.

“Yo, Mario, can I get a vodka cranberry?  I got coins.”

I remembered I got a couple of playsuits from Sourpuss Clothing and one of them is sailor-inspired.  During the summer, I bought a mini sailor hat thinking I would be able to get a couple of pictures taken.  I even had the location and props thought-out.  The photoshoot never happened and I never got to wear the fun playsuit… Until this weekend.

sailor     sailor1   insta

I felt so confident, I even took my first instagram video!


Midterms, group projects and Double D’s!  Oh my!

After getting excited because I should be able to graduate in May, the excitement vanished when I got a D in Literary Theory and another after that… In the same course.  For the first time ever, I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to pass a class.  It’s frustrating because I feel myself trying too hard to understand whatever comes out of the professor’s mouth and reading and re-reading whatever was assigned… Only to get Ds or D+s followed by a little note saying “For effort.”  I don’t know what makes me feel worse.  A plain old D or a D+ with pity.

The Likes

Two months ago, ipsy sent me a Jesse’s Girl liquid eyeliner.  I knew I would love it just by the name of the brand.  Who hasn’t heard the fun song?   I love this eyeliner because it goes on super duper smoothly and it won’t dry out so quickly like Cover Girl’s felt tip liquid eyeliner.  Keep in mind that it says it’s waterproof, but it really isn’t.  I guess Jesse’s Girl lies sometimes.

Also, The Carrie Diaries season two started!!!  You don’t know how happy I am!  I love this show so much!  The fashion, the music, the location… I just wish I could somehow be transported through my laptop to such a fun environment.  If you’re a fan of the show, keep an eye out for Carrie’s clothes.  If you’re interesting in something, be sure to check out Worn on TV.  I constantly find myself searching for Carrie’s and Jessica Day’s outfits there.

I think that’s all for now!  Sorry for the long wait, but midterms, two jobs and 18 credits aren’t easy!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks (Giveaway!)


I’ve been going crazy over the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks since Ipsy sent me a sample in the shade 69 (A cherry red.)  They go on smoothly and don’t flake on me.  Unlike most lipsticks, these ones won’t make my lips look dry after a few hours.  I’ve tried the colors Anarchy, Venom, F-Bomb and Obssesed.  (Note to self: Ask for an awesome camera for Christmas.  Readers should be able to see how these things look on me.)



Anyhoo… I purchased a Venom lipstick and lipliner by mistake.  (Whaaaat?) Yes, please believe me!  I swear I’m telling the truth.

I’m a hardcore Kandee Johnson follower and not so long ago, she uploaded a video to YouTube: A tour of Urban Decay.  At the end of the video, she announces a special price for the lipstick and liner duo for her viewers and ipsy subscribers: just $35.  The limited time offer was only available in two colors: Venom and Jilted.  I guess curiosity killed the cat because I just really wanted to see a swatch of the Venom one.  I clicked on the link and since my Ipsy account was already logged in, I automatically purchased the duo.  I had a few hours to cancel the purchase after receiving the order confirmation.  But I got it while I was in a three hour class and when I finally read the e-mail, it was already too late.  I tried begging ipsy to cancel the order, but that didn’t work.



I thought long and hard about keeping them, but I already have similar colors, even though they are not Urban Decay.


I’m giving the duo away!  Who will be the lucky reader?

There are two ways to enter:

1.  Like my Facebook Page and share it on your Timeline.  Take a screenshot/screengrab of it (the shared post) and post it on my wall.  (I need evidence, ladies!)

2.  Like my Facebook Page and post a picture on my wall of your most recent look.  (Fashion and/or makeup).

Yes, I know Rafflecopter exists, but my Website is hosted by for free and I can’t use Javascript.  Sorry! 😦

Winner will be announced on Halloween.  Good luck!

PinUp in Training


I posted this picture a couple of days ago on Facebook & I love how my make-up turned out:


     I decided to try to pursue not a career, but a hobby as a pin-up girl… And to try to take it seriously this time.  I was too self conscious when I first started.  My belly pooch and cellulite have haunted me since I was 16 years old.  The thought of having it show in a picture I didn’t have control of scared me.  I know Photoshop exists but what one sees as imperfections, isn’t always seen as such but other people.  In this case, a photographer.

     Other than insecurities, I hadn’t yet mastered the art of vintage hair styling.  I didn’t even have a curling iron and the only flat iron I had was a cheap one I got at Walgreens.  It didn’t do much to my thick hair.  I asked for a good (expensive) one for my birthday.  Now, my Corioliss flat iron is one of my best friends.  It’s not a big brand in the US, but believe me, it’s magical.  As for my curling iron, I trusted a friend.  She got one for $10 at T.J. Maxx (I don’t remember the brand) and it works perfectly.

     I wasn’t that good at make-up either.  The only thing I knew how to do perfectly was the cat eyeliner.  I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years.  As for applying eye shadow, I was a mess.


     A few weeks ago, I was looking for cherry print clothing to go along with Maraschino.  I found this cute romper on Sourpuss Clothing.  I was a bit disappointed when I got it, because the cherries are actually printed on (if you know what I mean).  I’ve had dresses like this and the print eventually fades.  I guess I’ll just have to take extra good care of it.

I did some exploring on the Sourpuss website and found these books:

bookmakeup    bookhair

They were on the pricey side but I splurged.  I figured I would save some time by not watching so many YouTube tutorials with cheesy intros.  I love these books because they actually teach you step-by-step how to do each look.  The make-up one is my favorite because it has “did you know” sections.  I love learning strange facts!

bookedit2    bookedit1

As for clothing, I think I’m ok.  I’ve had this book for a couple of years now.  It was expensive, but totally worth it.  It has history, old fashion trends, and how-to’s!   It’s now a lot cheaper.


bookface            Bookskirt

If you’re a pinup hopeful, you’ll find these very helpful!
Keep in mind that clothing and how-to books can be purchased, but confidence comes from within.  I don’t care how many self-help books are out there or how many men wolf-whistle at you.  If you don’t find what you see in the mirror beautiful, it’ll show through pictures.  Believe me, I know.  Learn to love yourself before spending money on wardrobe, accessories and photographers.  It may be difficult and it can take a long time but it’s free.

Try this:

Find something you like about your body, face or hair and compliment yourself.  It may sound silly, but it works.  Do this every morning when you get up.  It can be anything: lashes, beauty marks, eyebrows, feet.  Before you know it, you’ll end up loving yourself and accepting what you consider “flaws.”

Being a Pin Up isn’t easy and it can be expensive, but the point is to showcase your body as art.  Because, frankly, my dear, it is.