Black Friday Sales


Get ready for Black Friday deals by saving things to your ModCloth love list. I like to check out the site occasionally to mark things I like. When a sale hits the site, I pick whatever items I like best and score a rad deal. ModCloth’s prices have certainly gone up in the past two years and a coupon code is almost always needed, unless, of course, it’s a total style emergency.

A sale that’s going on now is Orchard Corset‘s CS 345 corset sale. Use code CINCHIT to get 15% off these styles. I had the CS345 and I must warn you, it’s not meant for short torsos. So if you’re a tall gal who wants extreme curves, go for it! This code expires on December 1st.

I’ll post deets on ModCloth’s Black Friday Sale tomorrow. I promise you it’s a good one!

Where do you do your online shopping on Black Friday?