What’s a comin’!


First of all, I wish you good karma points this New Year.  I know this year is already two weeks old, but good wishes are never too late.  I spent my whole Christmas break coughing up a storm.  My sleep was constantly interrupted by cough attacks that forced me to stand up just to be able to breath.  I had whooping cough.  Knowing I saw the commercial for the whooping cough vaccine on TV every day made me feel even worse about myself.

Other than coughing, I really didn’t do much during the break.  (FYI: My break is still not over.  My semester starts next Tuesday.)  I spent a few days reorganizing my closet by categories: crop tops, tank tops, sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves… Well, you get it.  My drawers were also organized and my purses are now side by side according to size.  My mom also got me a shoe rack which I gladly filled up but shamed myself when I realized I still needed a box to store away most of my shoes.  (Argh!  Too many!) Still, an organized room will always keep your mind organized.

I didn’t shop a lot during Christmas time.  Other than gifts, I bought a vintage leopard shirt from the 80s.  I’ve been trying to keep most of my money in the bank to pay off my Paris trip.  Want a money saving tip?  Start hiding money under your mattress.  Believe me, you’ll forget it’s there!  When it’s time to flip it, you’ll find cash!  I’ve shooed away many rainy days by doing this.

So 2014 is here and my guess is that gyms all over the island are crowded.  I’m sure they’ll remain like that until chocolate season, February.  I don’t believe in resolutions, but I must admit that I joined DailyBurn, an exercise  website.  I was watching Rock of Love on hulu (remember that show?) and DailyBurn was one of the advertisements.  Since then, I’ve canceled my hulu account (kind sucks for hulu right?) to be able to pay the $10 a month subscription.  Netflix is getting nixed next and I just hope my mom will be able to forgive me.  It’s been only a week and I’ve lost 6 pounds.  Not bad.  If you’re not used to working out, you should give it a chance.  It’s definitely working for me.

I also hope you’re a fan of YouTube because I’ll be on it pretty soon!  I hope this mini update inspired you to not only organize your closet, but organize your life in order to let go of stress and just becoming an overall happier person.  Many things are coming this year, so stay tuned!  Can that be said on a blog?  Let’s say yes.

A Sea of Clothing Hangers


I can feel myself getting happy as I write this.  I can’t believe it’s only been three days since my last post.  I think back to september, october and november and cringe because I know I barely blogged (can this be used as a verb?  I’ll say yes.)  I wanted to do a review on the December 2013 ipsy but it hasn’t arrived.  So I’ll just write about the next best thing: empyting my closet.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used eBay to sell stuff but after realizing that I don’t wear most of the clothes I have, I came to the conclusion that making space in my closet wasn’t such a bad idea.  I’m used to opening it and grabbing one of the first things I see.  Today I forced myself to look through everything and laughed when I found shirts I bought for school and sadly forgot they existed because the were hiding in parts of my closet I don’t normally check.  Oh well, I guess I won’t have to shop for next semester!  The thing is, I enjoy looking like crap at the university.  Walking each day with a Superman backpack rubbing against my back is not easy, especially when I get to the apartment to find that the back of my shirt has pilled.  (Is that even a word?  Let’s say yes again.)  So, cheap t-shirts are a must.  Tip:  Get men’s shirts.  They are way cheaper and you can customize them with your handy-dandy scissors.

After making a few pyramids of clothing, I had to do what I hate the most:  take pictures and make the eBay listings.  Seriously, this process takes up to an entire afternoon.  Between shots, I found myself trying on what I thought I was going to sell and tried to convince myself that the perfect ocassion to wear that poofy, tutu looking skirt, those leather shorts and that green corset would come.  Who was I kidding?  Of course it wouldn’t.  I got a little dissapointed in myself when I saw so many tags.  A lot of the things were new.  Most of them purchased online because I loathe going to the mall.  After this experience, I’ll definately limit my online shopping.

I felt the need to sell, frankly, because I desperately need the money.  There’s a study trip to Paris next semester and I already paid the deposit.  I know myself and if I don’t do it now, I’ll never get a picture taken with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  I thought about using my Student Aid to help pay for it, but that won’t happen because of an error in my application.  I also made an account on GoFundMe after a friend of mine quickly got financial help to go to Egypt.  So far, I have $40… And 5 of those dollars are mine.  I didn’t think about how social he was.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I’m holding on to the one friend I made in elementary school, who’s also going to Paris.  (At least, we hope we get to go.)


After writing this wannabe sob story, I welcome you to check out my eBay listings and if you feel extra genereous, I will infinitely appreciate a donation on my GoFundMe page.  It would mean the world to me.

I sign off with a wire hanger poking my butt and a plastic one stabbing me in the back.  Sacrifice is painful.  🙂

Merry Christmas and may your wishes come true!

Girl Gift Guide!


I get it.  Girls are sometimes hard to shop for but it’s even harder to know exactly what you want for Christimas.  My mom asks me what I’m wishing for each year and I usually don’t know.  This year is different.  This year I became an ipsy subscriber and my mind was opened to the pretty world of makeup.  I can finally say, I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, MOM.   Yes, I can speak in all caps.  

If you’re a guy and have no idea what to get your girlfriend, because she simply doesn’t know what to ask for or wants to be surprised, I got ya.  Ladies, if you don’t know what you want, I bet you’ll end up asking for one of the following.


No brainer, right?  You might think it’s too easy, but it isn’t.  I believe perfumes are an intimate gift, because you have to know the person in order to know what she might like.  My current favorite is Poppy by Coach.  I discovered Poppy while trying to run away from a professional perfume sprayer at the mall.  I didn’t want to be a total sourpuss, so I did what most people do: extend an arm while your feet are still moving.  That way you get the goods but won’t have to stick around to listen to all the blah blah blah.  I had ran out of my previous perfume, Beyonce’s Heat.  I sniffed my wrist and was all ooh la la.  I bought it a few weeks later.


I know you’re all like “what does it smell like?”  It’s hard to describe a scent, so I’ll just tell you what Coach.com says:

Sweetly scented jasmine and gardenia blend with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals in a pretty, lighthearted fragrance. 

Well isn’t that cutesy wootsy?  It smells good, that’s all you have to know.  Other perfumes I like are:

  • Heat by Beyonce
  • DKNY Be Delicious
  • Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
  • Ed Hardy Women

Still not sure?  Go to your local perfume shop and ask for samples!


Last year, Lime Crime gave us the gift of perfectly matte lips.  I remember I stayed up all night trying to purchase a Red Velvet Velvetine.  It was worth it.  It’s a hybrid between a lipgloss and a lipstick because it goes on like a gloss but dries like a lipstick.  I’ve never seen a lip product with such a matte finish.  They recently debuted a pink one, which of course, I slaved in front of the computer for hours to purchase it as well.  They sell for $20 and are sure to make an impression.


Makeup Storage

Months ago, I got one of those plastic drawers at Walmart.  I like it because it has wheels and I can easily move it around my room.  Each drawer is a different category: face, lips, eyes, nails, etc.  It’s getting pretty full so I’m considering getting a lipstick stand.  They look sleek and it’s a way to proudly display your lipstick collection (or those beautiful Velvetines!)  They sell for around $6 on Amazon.com


Want to go all fancy?  Get her an Icebox!  These are pretty pricey, though!  I’ve seen them sell for over $300!  They’re perfect to store all your makeup and are completely handmade!


Ice ice baby

Is she more into nails than makeup?  Not a problem!  Get her a nail polish rack!  They sell for $25 on Amazon.

Hair Stuff

I’ve read great reviews on the InStyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron.  If she’s one of those that have to wait a long time for their hair to dry, this is perfect for her.  I really can’t say much about it, because I don’t own one, but it’s definately a must-have!


She also needs to look at what’s she’s doing–in style!  I’ve always wanted one of these, but like the Icebox, it’s really expensive.  It costs $400, but hey, if you have the dollars, go for it.  It’s a Vanity Girl Mirror and it even has a dual power outlet (to plug your hair dryer, curling iron, etc!).  Great for doing makeup as well, of course!


The gift that keeps on giving

 An ipsy subscription would be perfect for a girl that likes trying out new brands!  It’s only $10 a month and you get a pretty makeup bag filled with 5 makeup products.  I’ve been a subbie since April and am impressed with some of the things they send.  Most bags have a value of $25+  Click here to check it out.

I hope this short list gave you an idea on what to give or what to ask for.  Another thing you can check out are holiday makeup palettes.  Urban Decay, Too Faced and lots of other brands usually debut their holiday palettes and gift sets around this time.  Sadly, I can’t review any of them because I don’t own one–yet.

I hope your December is jolly and Merry Christmas!