Paris and a Mouse that has a Mind of its own


OMG! You guys! I just had the best experience of my life! I went to Paris! 10 days in the City of Lights– a dream come true.

Many pictures were taken and I was going to share them with you yesterday, but my laptop’s mouse decided to click on things by itself and pictures began to get deleted accidentally.  I’m writing this from my cell and have no idea what it’ll look like from a computer. Sorry in advance.

So many good things are happening to me and I can’t wait to share the excitement with you! But… It should be done right: with a normal mouse, pictures and from an actual computer.

All I can say for now is:

1. One of the planes I got on almost crashed.
2. I got champagne wasted.
3. I got lost near Notre-Dame.
4. I went to Moulin Rouge.
5. I went thrifting.

As you can tell, many stories are coming! If I don’t have the post up by tonight, it’ll definately be up before tomorrow ends.


Enjoy this selfie until then.

*I don’t know how tiny or dotty it’ll look from a computer–sorry!*