#ForeverFatFriday: Frozen Coffee


Today’s ForeverFat Friday post is about a cold yummy treat.  This one is for coffee lovers!  Living in one of the hottest cities in Puerto Rico makes me want to have my coffee frozen on certain days.  Not iced.

Melao is one of the few coffee shops in Ponce and one of my favorites.  Frozen really does mean frozen and not “Oh, here, have a surprise tiny bit of an ice cube.  Hope you don’t choke” frozen.


Starbucks has nothing on these guys.  Great coffee at a great price.  No $10 beverages here!  Its location is perfect for tourists.  It’s literally in the Ramada Hotel.  Their sandwiches are a great breakfast option for those staying at the Ramada, a real convenience.



I want that wallpaper!

My friend, Nicole and I used to go pretty often but car problems and different schedules made us stop going for a while.  We went back a few days ago and their frozen coffee is still delicious.  I usually order the mocha frozen coffee, but went with a caramel one instead.  Still 10 / 10.


You’ve never seen a beverage this sexy looking.

I should try making my own at home sometime!  I found this recipe by Ms Sally, try it with me!

Click here for yummy goodness!

At 220 calories per serving, this ForeverFatFriday is a good one.

Want to share your recipes and pictures for a future #ForeverFatFriday post?  Click here.  Or send them via Facebook!

Happy brewing!



About a week ago I found myself watching crappy TV and got a craving for something sweet and salty.  Like chocolate covered pretzels.  There was nothing both sweet and salty in my fridge so I got creative.  Potato chips and chocolate ice cream?  Yes, please!  I remember texting a friend about my creation and using a useless in texts hashtag: #ForeverFat


A yummier looking version of what I made.

I find myself eating a lot of junk during summer, probably because I’m bored all the time.  I usually go back to healthy-ish eating habits and regular-esque exercise once the semester starts.  This is probably why I’m always 10-15 pounds lighter during Christmas season.  My weight is always between 140 and 155 lbs.  I would love to get down to 130-135 but eating junk occasionally won’t get me there.  This is why I believe having a non-healthy treat once a week wouldn’t be so bad!  6 days of healthy eating and one to splurge, but only once that day!  It could be either breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack!  Maybe even a drink.

I would love for you to be a part of this journey.  Get healthy and share your #ForeverFat recipes with me!  It would be great to post them here.  Don’t have a recipe?  No problem.  Just take a picture of your meal/snack/dessert even if you didn’t make it and tell us why you like it so much.

I’ll post pictures/recipes/instructions on how to make yummy treats on Fridays, so the section will be called #ForeverFatFriday.  The reason why I picked Friday is not only to stick with the “F”, but also because I hate Fridays.  I think they’re a drag because I start working on Fridays and I hate my job.  Posting #ForeverFatFriday treats on the blog will keep me looking forward to something on such a so-so day.

So go ahead!  Send me your yummy treats to my e-mail: lovelymellyd@gmail.com or send me message through Facebook!

Eating healthy shouldn’t be a drag and Fridays shouldn’t be either.