Back to the Drawing Board


Hello beauties!

I really wanted to have my post on the word “fat” up by today, but I don’t think it’s complete yet.  I won’t post it until I’m 100% happy with it.  Whenever I write an essay, I must find evidence to back up my opinion, even more so when it’s an argumentative one.

Well, other than excusing the lack of posts on my blog, I wanted to update you once again on the situation regarding my ta-tas.

After my last scare, I cut back my caffeine intake.  My 3-4 cups of coffee became 1 morning cup.  The headaches stopped eventually and I got used to the tiny portion.  I wish I could say my mug was this big:


But it wasn’t.  😦

A few days ago I felt a lump again.  It had the same cluster of grapes feeling as last time, so I didn’t get that scared.  I got me some vitamin E, just like the doctor recommended because I knew it would get painful.  I quit coffee again and I plan on keeping it that way.  Seriously, I cut my intake by more than half and I’m still having problems.  How annoying!  I love coffee too much!  Don’t suggest decaf, because I tried it and all I can say is yuck!  My breasts have gotten bigger and are hurting but not as much as the first time (thanks Vitamin E).

After making the decision to quit coffee once and for all, I came to the conclusion that I need some sort of substitute.  I usually have breakfast with coffee and a glass of water—never juice.  I’m not a tea person, so what now?  I thought about drinking healthy energy drinks like Verve.  I was a Verve brand member but after a few disagreements with my team, I quit.  They were just in it for the money and I didn’t want to be a part of some greedy group like that.


Their energy drink has tons of vitamins and stuff that is actually good for you, but I forgot one thing—Each can has 80 mg of caffeine.  Back to the drawing board.

I thought about Sambazon açai smoothie packs.  They’re full of yummy nutrients and healthy energy your body needs.  I first tasted it in a delicious açai bowl I got at a local coffee bar & bistro.  So many blueberries, so much tastiness.  The down side?  It costs almost $8.  Forking over 8 bucks a day adds up to lots of dollars.  I’ve purchased the smoothie packs and tried making the bowls myself but they don’t taste quite the same.  If you have a yummy recipe, please share it in the comments below!  I would love to try it!

sambazon          bowl

I’m now on a lifelong quest to find coffee replacements.  If your boobies don’t get all cranky when you drink coffee, go ahead and enjoy it as much as you can without going overboard.  I sometimes think that my excessive amounts of caffeine caused this and got to the point where I can’t ever go back without lumps popping up again.  A similar thing happened to me with nail polish.  I used to change colors each day.  I even chipped off my polish and painted my nails the same color out of boredom.  It got to a point where my fingers got all red and extremely itchy.  Apparently I touch my face a lot without noticing it because my face developed a nasty rash all over.  I now have to get gel manicures.  Yes, with the UV lamp and everything.

Life lesson: moderation is key.

Note to self: Cut back on pizza, ice cream, split ends serum, reality tv, long showers, sleep…. And anything enjoyable.