What’s a comin’!


First of all, I wish you good karma points this New Year.  I know this year is already two weeks old, but good wishes are never too late.  I spent my whole Christmas break coughing up a storm.  My sleep was constantly interrupted by cough attacks that forced me to stand up just to be able to breath.  I had whooping cough.  Knowing I saw the commercial for the whooping cough vaccine on TV every day made me feel even worse about myself.

Other than coughing, I really didn’t do much during the break.  (FYI: My break is still not over.  My semester starts next Tuesday.)  I spent a few days reorganizing my closet by categories: crop tops, tank tops, sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves… Well, you get it.  My drawers were also organized and my purses are now side by side according to size.  My mom also got me a shoe rack which I gladly filled up but shamed myself when I realized I still needed a box to store away most of my shoes.  (Argh!  Too many!) Still, an organized room will always keep your mind organized.

I didn’t shop a lot during Christmas time.  Other than gifts, I bought a vintage leopard shirt from the 80s.  I’ve been trying to keep most of my money in the bank to pay off my Paris trip.  Want a money saving tip?  Start hiding money under your mattress.  Believe me, you’ll forget it’s there!  When it’s time to flip it, you’ll find cash!  I’ve shooed away many rainy days by doing this.

So 2014 is here and my guess is that gyms all over the island are crowded.  I’m sure they’ll remain like that until chocolate season, February.  I don’t believe in resolutions, but I must admit that I joined DailyBurn, an exercise  website.  I was watching Rock of Love on hulu (remember that show?) and DailyBurn was one of the advertisements.  Since then, I’ve canceled my hulu account (kind sucks for hulu right?) to be able to pay the $10 a month subscription.  Netflix is getting nixed next and I just hope my mom will be able to forgive me.  It’s been only a week and I’ve lost 6 pounds.  Not bad.  If you’re not used to working out, you should give it a chance.  It’s definitely working for me.

I also hope you’re a fan of YouTube because I’ll be on it pretty soon!  I hope this mini update inspired you to not only organize your closet, but organize your life in order to let go of stress and just becoming an overall happier person.  Many things are coming this year, so stay tuned!  Can that be said on a blog?  Let’s say yes.