Prepping Your Closet for Fall


Fall will be here in a few weeks and it’s time to reorganize our closets. Make sweaters more accessible and put anything too bright at the very back.  Focus on a color palette. I’ve always loved yellow tones for the fall.  It’s easy to work around yellow and it’s usually the brightest yet acceptable color for the season. If this color does not work for you, pick another one off Pantone’s Fall 2015 Fashion Color Report. There are many options!


You don’t have to pull an all-nighter looking for clothing in these exact colors. Can’t find anything in dried herb? Look for something in olive. Nothing in oak buff? Try mustard. I believe in reusing and up-cycling. Have a swap party or check out your nearest thrift stores. Marsala may be hard to find but you may end up with something in burgundy.

Don’t be afraid to wear black and brown at the same time. Yes, brown is perfect for autumn and it’s always the neutral fashion magazines tell us to wear during this season but you can’t deny that black is one of the most sophisticated colors. The trick is to focus on one of them and use the other to accessorize. A color that ties them together is ideal but not necessary. A simple black dress can be eye-catching with a brown belt and even some cute boots!

I made the following set using a yellow tone to tie brown and black together. Brown sunglasses and black pants or leggings divided by a color that works well with both of them. And as always, I added a hint of quirkiness and a pop of color with the Ollie and Nic apple bag.


Interested in these pieces?  Shop here:


House of Fraser

Therapy Cable Jumper

Also available in navy and burgundy



John Lewis

Max Studio Ponte Leggings



Bergdorf Goodman

Calvi Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Ollie & Nic

Delicious Apple Bag


What colors are you going to wear this fall?

Outfit of the Day: Wandering Writer


Today’s outfit was inspired by the writer who wanders aimlessly through streets filled with potential characters and is often haunted by them. The pencil heels pull everything together creating a quirky yet classy look. This is perfect for ladies that just started a new job but want to keep some kitsch in their everyday outfit.


I started putting this together by deciding on a color palette. I figured green is a good color to transition from summer to autumn and I’ve always loved pink and green together (watermelons, I guess). I chose this kelly green blouse from Banana Republic. Nothing really special about it but I like how it’s over-sized because it gives the outfit a relaxed and effortless feel. Next were shoes. A pair of heels with a hint of green were ideal. I remembered seeing these Doodlez by Taylor Says. They are limited edition and I unfortunately saved $150 a little too late and they’re now long gone in my size. They also have a Sharpie inspired pair!


For a bag, I searched for small pink ones. I was tempted to pick a novelty purse but I knew the focal point had to be the shoes so I went with this simple Rosetti Taylor Majestic mini crossbody. I’m obsessed with small bags and I truly hate having to carry a bulky one around. The perfect purse should only have space for your ID, credit cards, lipstick, compact mirror, phone and keys. Carrying a small purse will prevent you from wanting to stuff it with unnecessary things. We all know you can’t read that 800 page award-winning novel in peace with a toddler screaming just seven feet away from you. You never brush your hair so why bring that huge brush with you? And that lint roller? Why would you wear black pants to walk your neighbor’s dogs anyway?

Speaking of black pants, any high waisted black jeans is a great classic piece of clothing every girl should have in her closet. They can go from casual to work casual in just a few steps (these steps involve changing your top and maybe shoes).

White sunglasses look great with this combo and I’ve seen some at accessories stores like Claire’s being sold for less than $10! Another must-have? I’d say so! Pair them with yellow dangle earrings or simple studs with a hint of yellow in them to draw attention to your face. A tiny pop of color at top that matches your shoes will make your outfit look balanced and well-thought-out.

I hope you’re no longer afraid to wear novelty shoes! Write these tips down and rock that outfit!

Deadly Dames Capri Pants


If you’re active in the rockabilly scene or if you’re just into pinup fashion, I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing Deadly Dames capris sold by Pinup Girl Clothing and other rockabilly culture sites like Sourpuss Clothing. I’m so happy to say I’m the owner of three of these super stretchy pants! By super stretchy I mean my 42” hips fit in a size small! They’re available in a wide range of colors. These capri pants are super flattering and look great on all body types.

I visited Old San Juan with Dai Rojas from Da.Art Photography and I was able to show them off! Here’s proof:



If you’re not sure making the $80+ purchase is a good idea, I suggest buying a used pair on eBay or on the PUG Swap & Sell Facebook group. It’s a great way to check them out without spending so much money. If you decide not to keep them, just sell them or swap them for another retro item. I believe they are one of the most sought-after Deadly Dames items and I promise they wont stay in your closet for a long time like those bell-bottoms you’re dying to wear again. (Soon, I promise.)



Outfit Deets

Top and Shoes: Rainbow

Pants and Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Sunglasses: ModCloth

Scarf: Cut up piece of fabric

Earrings: Forever 21

Bracelet: Handmade


I want to know! What is your favorite Deadly Dames item?