Deadly Dames Capri Pants


If you’re active in the rockabilly scene or if you’re just into pinup fashion, I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing Deadly Dames capris sold by Pinup Girl Clothing and other rockabilly culture sites like Sourpuss Clothing. I’m so happy to say I’m the owner of three of these super stretchy pants! By super stretchy I mean my 42” hips fit in a size small! They’re available in a wide range of colors. These capri pants are super flattering and look great on all body types.

I visited Old San Juan with Dai Rojas from Da.Art Photography and I was able to show them off! Here’s proof:



If you’re not sure making the $80+ purchase is a good idea, I suggest buying a used pair on eBay or on the PUG Swap & Sell Facebook group. It’s a great way to check them out without spending so much money. If you decide not to keep them, just sell them or swap them for another retro item. I believe they are one of the most sought-after Deadly Dames items and I promise they wont stay in your closet for a long time like those bell-bottoms you’re dying to wear again. (Soon, I promise.)



Outfit Deets

Top and Shoes: Rainbow

Pants and Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Sunglasses: ModCloth

Scarf: Cut up piece of fabric

Earrings: Forever 21

Bracelet: Handmade


I want to know! What is your favorite Deadly Dames item?

Heart and Solar System Dress


As an odd print collector, I constantly search for eye-catching skirts and dresses. When I’m on a tight budget, I always check clothing swap groups before actually looking through pages and pages of items on a website. One of a girl’s ISOs (in search of) was this beautiful space print dress by Fervour, sold exclusively at ModCloth.


Heart and Solar System Dress, $75
Currently available in XS

I was sad to discover it was sold out and if restocked, it would sell for $75. As a Fashion Design student I know that a simple unlined, cotton dress should sell for a lot less. I told myself that constantly, trying to convince myself not to buy it if someone returned it in my size. I decided to post it as an ISO item to one of the swap groups just in case someone wanted to get rid of theirs (yeah, right) and a few weeks later, a girl told me someone had returned a small one. I bought it. Yolo, people, yolo.  (Too 2013?)

I waited the two weeks it usually takes for a ModCloth package to get to my house and was heartbroken when I pulled this out of the bag:


The Way I Galaxy It Dress, $42 (50 % off)

This dress was being sold for $85 when I got it.  I thought about keeping it but the material and the fact that it’s lined made me sweat without even trying it on. I did try it on eventually but the only thing that came to mind was “meh.”  A return. I remember chatting with customer service and how nice the lady was.  I asked her if the company was planning on restocking it and I felt a punch to my chest as she said no. I told the girl from the swap group about the situation and she was just as sad as I was because she’s been looking for the same dress but in a different size.

Before I could forget about the dress, I saw a message from her saying a small one had been returned again. I didn’t get excited, but I bought it hoping I wouldn’t receive the wrong one again. I wonder if the mailman found it odd when I didn’t grin as soon as I saw him approaching my house with a package from ModCloth.  I opened it and even though it was finally the right dress, I was expecting the worst, as if it had to have some sort of flaw. Well, it does.


  • The dress is too short for my liking. The hem hits 3 inches above my knee. I did see pictures prior to purchasing but I thought it would be longer on me considering I’m only 5’03” tall.
  • Runs small in bust area. I’m only a B cup and I had a major armpit-boob issue.


  • Breathable fabric.
  • Has pockets. Yay!

The story does not end here. I searched for the brand, Fervour, on eBay and voila, a medium Heart and Solar System Dress was listed at only $30. It had the option to start a bidding war but it had 7 watchers so I didn’t want to risk it. I’m happy to say that I now own a Heart and Solar System Dress that doesn’t give me armpit-boob. I returned the small one and saved $40.  Yay for used clothing!

Now please enjoy these pictures of my sexy self wearing the sexy dress.


hsolar Photography

Want to know a little secret? I was told this dress *might* be getting restocked around August but you didn’t hear it from me! 😉

Garnier Olia: A Review


A couple of months ago, I dyed my hair red again.  After being a brunette for a

Garnier-Olia-1-610x610while, I got bored and realized that I was born to be a fake redhead.  I’ve been using Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in the shade Red (150) for years.  Pretty much since I graduated high school.  Colorsilk is great because it’s specifically for dark hair.  The downside?  It made my scalp itch and it stinks even though it says it’s ammonia-free.  It retouched my roots once a month and the dye only costs about $4, so I stuck to it.

One day, at Walmart, a black, fancy looking box caught my eye in the hair products section.  It was a hair dye: Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color.  The price was a little hefty for me: almost $9.  I knew I would give it a shot eventually.  Weeks later I bought a box and a week after that, another.

  • No ammonia
  • Vibrant color
  • Scalp comfort

Yes, please.

I opened the box and was immediately impressed.  I was used to getting a packet of after-color conditioner.  This time, I got an easy open tube.  The applicator itself looked really fancy and the gloves were made for pros.  They are very flexible and won’t break down so easily.  Also, the dye didn’t transfer onto my hands.


Unlike other dyes (Colorsilk included), you won’t take minutes to detangle your hair after washing it.  Whatever formula is in the conditioner, it’s magic.  You also get more product in the tube than in the ketchup packets from hell found in other dye kits.  Those take forever to open.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons.


  • Does not stink
  • Does not make scalp itch
  • Gloves are durable
  • Great packaging
  • Conditioner detangles hair
  • Leaves hair silky smooth
  • The color is SUPER vibrant


  • Price
  • Takes forever to wash out
  • Applicator takes some getting used to (it may slip off hands)
  • “Non drip” formula is a lie

Last words

This is a must have or at least, a must try.  And please don’t take the word “vibrant” gently… It’s really vibrant.  Keep in mind that some work places frown upon super vibrant hair.  6.60 Intense Red is super intense.  It’s so intense that I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks after a few washes because I preffer a more natural-looking red.  Put Garnier Olia permanent hair color in your shopping list.  You won’t regret it!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks (Giveaway!)


I’ve been going crazy over the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks since Ipsy sent me a sample in the shade 69 (A cherry red.)  They go on smoothly and don’t flake on me.  Unlike most lipsticks, these ones won’t make my lips look dry after a few hours.  I’ve tried the colors Anarchy, Venom, F-Bomb and Obssesed.  (Note to self: Ask for an awesome camera for Christmas.  Readers should be able to see how these things look on me.)



Anyhoo… I purchased a Venom lipstick and lipliner by mistake.  (Whaaaat?) Yes, please believe me!  I swear I’m telling the truth.

I’m a hardcore Kandee Johnson follower and not so long ago, she uploaded a video to YouTube: A tour of Urban Decay.  At the end of the video, she announces a special price for the lipstick and liner duo for her viewers and ipsy subscribers: just $35.  The limited time offer was only available in two colors: Venom and Jilted.  I guess curiosity killed the cat because I just really wanted to see a swatch of the Venom one.  I clicked on the link and since my Ipsy account was already logged in, I automatically purchased the duo.  I had a few hours to cancel the purchase after receiving the order confirmation.  But I got it while I was in a three hour class and when I finally read the e-mail, it was already too late.  I tried begging ipsy to cancel the order, but that didn’t work.



I thought long and hard about keeping them, but I already have similar colors, even though they are not Urban Decay.


I’m giving the duo away!  Who will be the lucky reader?

There are two ways to enter:

1.  Like my Facebook Page and share it on your Timeline.  Take a screenshot/screengrab of it (the shared post) and post it on my wall.  (I need evidence, ladies!)

2.  Like my Facebook Page and post a picture on my wall of your most recent look.  (Fashion and/or makeup).

Yes, I know Rafflecopter exists, but my Website is hosted by for free and I can’t use Javascript.  Sorry! 😦

Winner will be announced on Halloween.  Good luck!

Pin Up Skin


Picking up where we left off: Pin Up Skin.  Family members and friends often ask me if I have a skincare routine.  I do.  My skin is not perfect.  It’s very sensitive, meaning I have to take extra good care of it and watch what I apply on my face.  I break out rarely, but when I do, I get irritated and self-conscious, like most women.  So let’s start off with cleansing.


I alternate between St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub and Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser.  I use only one of the products each day, not wanting too many chemicals coming in contact with my skin.  I use the Morning Burst in the mornings, of course, and I like to use the Green Tea Scrub at night while I shower.  They’re both oil-free and leave a light, fresh fragrance, not too harsh for those with sensitive skin.  These are affordable; both sell for less than $8, full size.  I like buying them travel size, because they’re easier to store away when sharing a bathroom with three other women. 


Sun Protection

I walk to school each day with the bright sun following me.  Sunscreen is a must over here.  I suggest getting sunscreen that has at least SPF 15.  The more, the better.  If you don’t like the feeling of regular sunscreen on your face, you can opt for a BB or CC cream.  These are very similar.  BB creams are a lighter alternative to foundation while having SPF and antioxidants.  I don’t like the idea of wearing foundation each day, so I try to use it only for special occasions.  Pores need to breath as much as possible.  BB creams give more coverage than tinted moisturizers, for those wanting to hide a few blemishes without having to pack on foundation.  A friend suggested Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream.  It has SPF 15.  I wish it had more, because I noticed my skin peeling a bit after a few weeks of walking under the sun.  I’d say it’s good for women who spend most of their time away from the from it: offices, classrooms, etc.  I use it only when I have to work because it leaves your face looking a bit dewy.  (I work in a bar, so it’s perfect.)  I got it at Walmart for $11.99.

A couple of months ago, Ipsy, a monthly make-up subscription, sent me a sample of Coola’s Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer.  I fell in love with this thing.  They sent me the Rose Essence one.  I was not too fond of the scent, but I love the texture.  It’s extremely light, but it has SPF 20.  My skin hasn’t flaked at all since the beginning of the semester and it does, indeed, correct color, which is what CC creams are supposed to do.  It leaves my skin with a matte finish.  I had to purchase the full size after running out of my sample.  It’s pricy, but it’s the best $30-something dollars I’ve spent on a beauty product.  I found out they have an unscented one as well.  The best part?  It’s organic!

Exfoliation & Mask

Years ago, after “liking” Pin Up Passion on Facebook, Sorelle Amore began posting videos on how she achieves a flawless look using the Baiden Mitten.  This mitten, scrubs away dead skin cells and in a way, “attacks” your skin, making a new layer emerge.  It takes some getting used to and you can scrub away your whole body with it after taking a hot shower (to loosen the yucky stuff).  It’s fun and gross to see bits of dead skin coming off.  The mitten is durable and sells for $40-$50.  It’s worth it.

baidenIf you want to take skincare a step further, try Michael Todd’s Pumpkin Mask.  Ipsy sent it to me.  Be sure to get one that’s appropriate for your skin.  For some reason, Ipsy sent me one for non-sentitive skin and it burned a bit.  I didn’t like the scent at all – it smells like baby food, but it did leave my skin extremely smooth.  I suggest using it only once a week, since it can be harsh.


Remember to apply powder with a Kabuki brush!  It applies the product smoother, giving you a more natural look.  These can be found at your local Walgreens or CVS for no more than $10!  If you want to splurge, but not too much, try Soho’s!

I hope you found this post helpful  and may you become even more comfortable in your skin!

Sally Hansen creme hair remover: a review


I know how important it is for some of you to have “pin up skin.”  It is important for me as well.  I’ve been breaking out a lot lately and I’m blaming stress and an irregular menstrual cycle.  But pin up skin isn’t just clear skin; it’s also what seems like hairless skin.

You must already know what I’m going to talk about: lady stache.  Yep, that hair on your upper lip.  Some women are lucky enough to have an almost unnoticeable stache, like me.  Others have to wax, bleach, or remove it.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I went to Walmart this weekend, but I purchased the Sally Hansen creme hair remover for $5.47.  I enjoy giving new products a chance, so I did.


I read the instructions and followed them.  Just like a goody-two-shoes.  It said I should first try it out on my arm and if no redness or burning occurred, my face would’ve been fine.  Sally lied.  Sally lied big time.

It only took four minutes for my face to feel as if it was being greeted by Satan himself at the gates of hell.  I wiped the product off with some damp toilet paper and saw how the hair easily came off but was left with a chemical burn moustache.  My upper lip began sweating excessively which only made matters worse.  The sweat made the burning sensation go up a notch and as I patted my upper lip with  some tissue, I noticed it was numb.  Numb and burning at the same time.  Do you believe in magic?  Sally does.

I searched for reviews on this product on YouTube after my experience and to my surprise, most women went through the same thing.  I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.  The chemicals are too harsh (why is this thing even approved to be used on one’s face?)  Although it does do what it’s supposed to: remove your lady stache, it also leaves another: one of dry, flaky, chemically burned skin.

Stick to waxing, ladies.  This thing is not painfree, it’s not gentle, it does not smell like vanilla.  It’s fast, becase you won’t be able to leave it on for more than 4 minutes.


stache1 stache
Same pictures but I played with the brightness and contrast of the one on the right.


#ForeverFatFriday: Frozen Coffee


Today’s ForeverFat Friday post is about a cold yummy treat.  This one is for coffee lovers!  Living in one of the hottest cities in Puerto Rico makes me want to have my coffee frozen on certain days.  Not iced.

Melao is one of the few coffee shops in Ponce and one of my favorites.  Frozen really does mean frozen and not “Oh, here, have a surprise tiny bit of an ice cube.  Hope you don’t choke” frozen.


Starbucks has nothing on these guys.  Great coffee at a great price.  No $10 beverages here!  Its location is perfect for tourists.  It’s literally in the Ramada Hotel.  Their sandwiches are a great breakfast option for those staying at the Ramada, a real convenience.



I want that wallpaper!

My friend, Nicole and I used to go pretty often but car problems and different schedules made us stop going for a while.  We went back a few days ago and their frozen coffee is still delicious.  I usually order the mocha frozen coffee, but went with a caramel one instead.  Still 10 / 10.


You’ve never seen a beverage this sexy looking.

I should try making my own at home sometime!  I found this recipe by Ms Sally, try it with me!

Click here for yummy goodness!

At 220 calories per serving, this ForeverFatFriday is a good one.

Want to share your recipes and pictures for a future #ForeverFatFriday post?  Click here.  Or send them via Facebook!

Happy brewing!