And the shy girl went to Paris…


As the summer slowly comes to an end, I realize I’m about to start my last semester as a college student.  I remember my first day as a freshman and how I almost cried 17 times before the day was over.  I didn’t know how huge the campus really was or how much my tiny legs were going to suffer.  It was a crappy day out, too.  Rain was pouring over my umbrella and the poor thing didn’t last as a functioning object for very long.  Worst of all, most of my professors didn’t show up and I got to the apartment leaving a trail of drips of water for nothing.  Yeah, I also got sick.

That day kind of set the tone for my entire college experience.  It’s not that I didn’t like my classes… I loved them, but the people… Ugh, the people!  It shouldn’t be a surprise that a shy girl from Ponce barely made any friends in her four years at the best university on the island, the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus.  San Juan was a scary place.  It still is.  I was a big fish in a tiny pond in Ponce but I felt like a goldfish in a shark tank in San Juan.  Also, I never really got along with most of my housemates.  

MarielaThis is Mariela.  One of the very few housemates I got along with.  We tried opening a bottle of wine once… Using a shoe and a wall.  Don’t ask.

I started to diet and work out a bit in January.  I said goodbye to 2013 weighing 155 lbs. and was not happy at all.  One of the changes I made was to start drinking water– a lot of it.  Naturally, my body sent me to the bathroom at least every half hour.  My 17 and 18 year old roommates took advantage of the situation by hogging the bathroom.  I know this is going to sound a bit gross, but this is the place where I can not only be honest with myself, but with you guys as well…  I peed in a tiny trashcan in my room.  

I still remember the first time I had to do it.  I could feel my bladder wanting to explode.  I began crying quietly in my room and then I saw it, my friend, the trashcan.  Luckily, I had dozens of grocery bags stored under the bed for some weird emergency, I guess.  Boy, this was some emergency.  It felt so nice to squat down and let go (I swear it was pee) and my tears were scared off by the smile that took over my face.  

Like this story, I have many other [negative] experiences I enjoy sharing with people.  They usually laugh at them and making people laugh makes me happy.  But I often wondered if I had any positive college life experiences.  As I look back, there aren’t very many but the few that I have are amazing.  

Mariela, one of the few roommates I actually enjoyed spending time with took me to get my very first tattoo with a friend, Xaira.  These girls are seriously the two most awesome people I know.  They made the process seem less scary and before I knew it, I had part of a poem I wrote on my back.  I may think it’s a little too big now but I’ll never regret it.  It’s a reminder of one of the best days of my life.  I got to skip my Social Science class.  Nope, no regrets.  

As the years went by, the sudden urge to do something interesting came over me.  I thought about spending a semester abroad, but my social anxiety wouldn’t allow it.  I settled for a study trip to Paris this past April.  It really set me back financially but I would spend $4,000 all over again to get those 10 magical days back.  Even just walking around in Paris was amazing.  Everywhere I looked I’d see a couple smiling at each other, people proudly walking their dogs, gorgeous buildings and amazing street performers.  I really felt like I was in a painting.  Everything was art.  Even getting lost was an art.  Yep, I got lost in Paris.  Thankfully, I was with my best friend, Nicole… That way, I couldn’t freak out all alone.  


We decided to go into Notre Dame with a group of friends but we got out at different exits.  After looking around for a while, Nicole and I decided to walk around like total tourists tightly holding our maps.  Neither of us had a reliable sense of direction, so that didn’t work.  I know some French, but when you’re lost in a foreign country, fright takes control of your mind.  I couldn’t even remember how to ask where the metro station was.  Où est le métro? became the answer to a trivia question.

After walking for the longest half hour of our lives, we finally saw a sign that read “Metropolitan.”  We tried to act cool and contain our excitement but that didn’t really work.  Acting cool with the situation didn’t work either when we got stuck going up the Eiffel Tower.  After spending over an hour in line, we had two options: take the stairs to go up to what was once the tallest building in the world or take the elevator like the lazy-vertigo-fearing human beings we are.  As you can imagine, many people want to go up the tower every single day, so they pack in as many people as they can into that elevator.  My claustrophobic self closed her eyes and held on to the pole right in the middle of the sketchy elevator.  Everything was great… until it stopped moving.  Nicole looked and laughed at me but she wasn’t fooling anyone.  I knew her pants were about to get brown as well.  After a few and long seconds, it started moving again and we finally reached the top.  I got to scratch an item off my bucket list.


The last days were the best because we got to do less tourist-y stuff.  We went thrifting and I found incredible 80s pieces.  Most of them are pretty big on me, but I learned how to sew this summer so I’ll be able to make them fit me!  I’m so excited!  The store is tiny and was really crowded at the time but that didn’t stop me!  I don’t know why, my social anxiety almost disappeared in France.  Probably because I was a tourist and didn’t care if I acted or said anything stupid.



I know this trip wasn’t exactly related to what the college experience should be but it’s the best thing I’ve gotten out of these past almost five years.  I almost had a meltdown during the trip from Newark to Paris but I’d get on that flight again in a heartbeat to get champagne wasted during a Moulin Rouge show.  Best night ever.

10150793_10203875786362967_3502948182435025162_nSorry for the low quality pic but I didn’t want to take a big ‘ol camera with me to the show.  

Yes, my college experience hasn’t been all that great.  At least, it hasn’t been what it “should be” but I wouldn’t trade the years 2010-2014 for anything in the world.  My devils-for-housemates gave me stories to write.  The guys that got shot in front of my apartment showed me how precious and unpredictable life can be and my trip to Paris taught me to live life with no regrets… even if it’ll set you back $4,000.  Money is one thing, life experiences are another.  I’d rather have something to write about than cash in my pocket.  

Up next: NYC!

Paris and a Mouse that has a Mind of its own


OMG! You guys! I just had the best experience of my life! I went to Paris! 10 days in the City of Lights– a dream come true.

Many pictures were taken and I was going to share them with you yesterday, but my laptop’s mouse decided to click on things by itself and pictures began to get deleted accidentally.  I’m writing this from my cell and have no idea what it’ll look like from a computer. Sorry in advance.

So many good things are happening to me and I can’t wait to share the excitement with you! But… It should be done right: with a normal mouse, pictures and from an actual computer.

All I can say for now is:

1. One of the planes I got on almost crashed.
2. I got champagne wasted.
3. I got lost near Notre-Dame.
4. I went to Moulin Rouge.
5. I went thrifting.

As you can tell, many stories are coming! If I don’t have the post up by tonight, it’ll definately be up before tomorrow ends.


Enjoy this selfie until then.

*I don’t know how tiny or dotty it’ll look from a computer–sorry!*

A Sea of Clothing Hangers


I can feel myself getting happy as I write this.  I can’t believe it’s only been three days since my last post.  I think back to september, october and november and cringe because I know I barely blogged (can this be used as a verb?  I’ll say yes.)  I wanted to do a review on the December 2013 ipsy but it hasn’t arrived.  So I’ll just write about the next best thing: empyting my closet.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used eBay to sell stuff but after realizing that I don’t wear most of the clothes I have, I came to the conclusion that making space in my closet wasn’t such a bad idea.  I’m used to opening it and grabbing one of the first things I see.  Today I forced myself to look through everything and laughed when I found shirts I bought for school and sadly forgot they existed because the were hiding in parts of my closet I don’t normally check.  Oh well, I guess I won’t have to shop for next semester!  The thing is, I enjoy looking like crap at the university.  Walking each day with a Superman backpack rubbing against my back is not easy, especially when I get to the apartment to find that the back of my shirt has pilled.  (Is that even a word?  Let’s say yes again.)  So, cheap t-shirts are a must.  Tip:  Get men’s shirts.  They are way cheaper and you can customize them with your handy-dandy scissors.

After making a few pyramids of clothing, I had to do what I hate the most:  take pictures and make the eBay listings.  Seriously, this process takes up to an entire afternoon.  Between shots, I found myself trying on what I thought I was going to sell and tried to convince myself that the perfect ocassion to wear that poofy, tutu looking skirt, those leather shorts and that green corset would come.  Who was I kidding?  Of course it wouldn’t.  I got a little dissapointed in myself when I saw so many tags.  A lot of the things were new.  Most of them purchased online because I loathe going to the mall.  After this experience, I’ll definately limit my online shopping.

I felt the need to sell, frankly, because I desperately need the money.  There’s a study trip to Paris next semester and I already paid the deposit.  I know myself and if I don’t do it now, I’ll never get a picture taken with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  I thought about using my Student Aid to help pay for it, but that won’t happen because of an error in my application.  I also made an account on GoFundMe after a friend of mine quickly got financial help to go to Egypt.  So far, I have $40… And 5 of those dollars are mine.  I didn’t think about how social he was.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I’m holding on to the one friend I made in elementary school, who’s also going to Paris.  (At least, we hope we get to go.)


After writing this wannabe sob story, I welcome you to check out my eBay listings and if you feel extra genereous, I will infinitely appreciate a donation on my GoFundMe page.  It would mean the world to me.

I sign off with a wire hanger poking my butt and a plastic one stabbing me in the back.  Sacrifice is painful.  🙂

Merry Christmas and may your wishes come true!