NYFW: 70’s Flair in Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


DVF’s collection was inspired by a painting of the Roman goddess of justice, Fortuna. It had a touch of the 70s with elegant draping and lose silhouettes. Her pieces had pink tones, metallic touches and featured some whimsical prints.


The designer also debuted her first footwear collection with Caleres, formerly known as Brown Shoe Company. It included strappy sandals, chunky heels and flats with floral prints and gold tones.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are some of the models that walked her runway. Karlie Kloss opened the show with a version of the now iconic wrap dress.


The second season of House of DVF premiered last night on E! Who are you rooting for?

Q & A with Femme De Bloom’s Melanie!


Get ready for cuteness overload because today you’ll meet darling Melanie, the quirky mind behind Femme De Bloom!  This Psychology Doctoral student spends a lot of her time designing and creating unique accessories.  Her handmade designs range from polka-dotted  earrings to flower crown headbands.


Melanie takes custom orders as well.  If you can think it, she can make it.  So whether you’re a retro, vintage-loving gal like me, a Disney junkie or a sports fan, Femme De Bloom is the place to go!   This Etsy shop is chock-full of options.  Oh!  And Melanie also makes custom plugs for you modified beauties.  Doesn’t matter what gauge size you need.  I think I learned about the Etsy shop through Instagram.  I purchased the Snow White inspired earring set and the Betty Button set.  Shipping was way fast, considering I don’t live in the continental US.

snowwhiteset       BettyButton

Now let’s get to know the cute crafter, Melanie.

When did you start Femme De Bloom and why?

I started FemmeDeBloom exactly a year ago (November 4, 2013!). It started with an idea I had to sell some Minnie and Mickey inspired ornaments I had created for friends and family the year before. After seeing how much my friends loved them, I thought I would give it a try to start a shop, list them, and see how it went. To my surprise, I ended up selling over 500 ornaments last year! I had so much fun making the ornaments and connecting with customers that I wanted to continue the shop beyond the holidays. That is when I started looking into making jewelry and accessories and the ideas just kept flowing from there! I chose the name FemmeDeBloom because it’s a crossover between English and French (my two favorite languages) and it means “Woman in Bloom.” As a woman, I aspire to grow and expand my knowledge and experience of the world on a daily basis! So in a sense, I always consider myself a “woman in bloom.”



Have you always been a crafty person?  If not, at what age did you start crafting?

I was taught to be a crafty person at a very young age by my beautiful, wonderful mother, who is also my best friend. My first memory of crafting was painting shirts and sneakers with puffy paint with my mom. We would have “Mom and Mel” days where we would go to the craft store and get supplies and spend the whole day making things! I’ll admit though, some of the things I painted on my shirts and shoes were ridiculous. One of my favorites is a pair of sneakers that I drew a dozen hammerhead sharks on. To this day it’s an inside joke between me and mom and I have absolutely NO idea why I chose to draw hammerhead sharks, ha ha! So the answer is, yes, I’ve definitely always been a crafty person and I have my mom to thank for that!

Out of all your Femme De Bloom pieces, which one is your favorite and why?

This is a tough question! I truly love every single piece I’ve made for the shop, including customs. However, I think it is a tie between the Princess Belle inspired necklace/earring set (because she’s my favorite Disney princess) and the “Pink Tea Party” fabric earring set because it combines polka dots, pink, and floral print which are all my favorites!

BelleFemme   PinkTeaParty

What is the most challenging part of hand making cute accessories?

I definitely think the most challenging part for me is making mistakes. People who know me have to remind me to stop over-analyzing my designs because I always want everything to look and present itself perfectly! Especially with the clay work, I have had to learn to cut myself some slack when I make a mistake (like when I burned an entire batch of clay Minnie donuts in the oven!) and not beat myself up over it!

Have you had any funny or scary incidents while getting crafty?

Yes, and Yes! As far as funny, I often have pieces of glue or paint stuck in my hair, on my clothes, or on my arms and hands and people are always pointing it out thinking I have a bruise or dandruff in my hair with the white paint (embarrassing!!!). But that’s the sacrifice I make for FemmeDeBloom!! 🙂 And as far as scary, I’ve burned myself several times pretty badly with glue gun glue and an iron and it’s pretty painful! 

Do you believe accessories really pull an outfit together?

Absolutely! I don’t leave the house without some type of accessory! I think that accessories are a great, cost-effective way to spruce up an outfit! Sometimes buying or making a new accessory has helped me revamp some articles of clothing that I haven’t worn in years. It’s also super fun to coordinate outfits with specific accessories, which I do the most when I visit Disneyland or I’m dressing for a holiday, hence the reason I tend to go overboard with themes in my shop and with giveaways!


What is your go to accessory? 

Hmm…this one is another tough one! I seriously love all accessories, but on a daily basis I would have to say that it’s either earrings or necklaces. But headbands and bows are also great for bad or lazy hair days!

What does a day in your shoes look like?   

A day in my shoes honestly depends on the day of the week! During the week, I am also a clinical psychology doctoral student, a tutor, an intern, and I occasionally teach undergraduate psychology courses, so it very much depends! During the week I am mostly fulfilling those roles and shipping out orders and on the weekends I spend time with my boyfriend, friends and family and do the most crafting!


“You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.” – Audrey Hepburn.  Do you think this is true and why?

Ooo, I haven’t heard this quote from her before and I love it! Audrey is one of the greats! I definitely think this is true because if a man knows you, he will get you earrings (or any jewelry for that matter) that reflects your personal style. If he gets it right, then he’s a keeper because he has taken the time to observe who you are and what your personal style is!



What inspires you?

Inspiration is such a wonderful thing, and I’ll have to say that I get inspiration from everyone and everything that I can. I am inspired by my loved ones and people that are a positive influence in my life. However, I am also inspired by so many of the other crafters I’ve met on Instagram AND my customers! Some of the most popular pieces in the shop were inspired by custom orders! I am also inspired by Disney movies (obviously) and the things I love! Every single piece in my shop is a reflection of something I love and my own personal style. As you can see, if you go through the shop, it’s a bit random because I love so many different types of characters and styles. But I created this shop so that I can make people happy with what I love and hopefully what they love also!


What is your definition of true beauty?

To me, true beauty is a person being their authentic self and not apologizing for it. We have so much pressure in society to fit in and to follow certain rules and regulations regarding our actions and our outward appearance. I think that it takes courage and represents true beauty when a person is comfortable in their own skin, has taken the time to figure out who they are, and isn’t afraid to BE it! I also think true beauty encompasses vulnerability, openness, and a non-judgmental spirit.

For more Melanie and Femme De Bloom, follow the shop on Instagram.  It’s the shop’s one year anniversary today!

Melanie loves doing giveaways and  she’s going  to do one for you guys!  Stay tuned for rules on how to enter.

Curves & Swimsuits


Summer is here, at least for those in the US (since it’s always summer in Puerto Rico.)  If you’re swimsuit shy, like me, you may find this helpful.

I’ve dreaded swimsuits since I was 9 years old.  I started to gain weight at that age and began to wear one pieces when going to the beach with my family.  I was easier to socialize with back then and I remember meeting a boy once during vacation.  We would play volleyball in pools and had cannonball competitions.  He would always say I won because I was “husky.”  Yes, he actually said that.  I tried forgetting about it and pretended I was ok, but I still remember it.  I also remember the swimsuit that got me called “husky.”  It was a hot pink one piece with some beading around the waist.

I didn’t go to the beach for years after that and simply watched TV while my family had all the fun during summer.  Around ages 13-14 I lost a significant amount of weigh and got to a size 3, but I still thought I was that husky girl.  I gained weight again and forced myself to go have fun in a pool just a few years ago.  Everyone was in a bikini and I was too, but I wore a skirt to hide a bit of my cellulite and my post-baby pooch (although I haven’t had a baby.)  Needless to say, I didn’t like the way I looked in pictures and wondered why swimsuits in malls are always the same: itty bitty bikinis—Yeah, screw the curvy girls with a few extra pounds.  Don’t get me wrong, some of us curvy gals can confidently rock a bikini, but I can’t.  I would feel self conscious and wouldn’t be able to have fun at all.

Just a couple of years ago I started to embrace my curves because they’re here to stay and I can’t waste time hating them.  This is probably why I’m very into the Pin Up era.  Curves were considered beautiful and the curvy girl was always picked over the skinny one.  I have nothing against skinny girls, but it’s usually easier for them to find a swimsuit they feel comfortable in.

I purchased my first vintage-inspired swimsuit two years ago from a lady who was about to close her Pin Up boutique here in PR.  I was sad but at the same time, I scored a $102 bathing suit for $50.  Not bad.  She only had it in Medium, but I didn’t care, it was a steal.  I’m not really into the color, but I love the shape.  It has rouching that helps conceal belly pooches and love handles.  It also keeps boobies up high.  It comes in several beautiful colors and you can find it on www.pinupgirlclothing.com


If you just want to hide the pooch and nothing more, www.unique-vintage.com has many options for you.  I got this two piece baby and it fits great!  It comes in black as well!  If you’re short like me, you can pull the bottoms down a bit to hide some cellulite.


If you want to hide it completely, longer, cute-looking suits are available.


Or, you could get a removable swim skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing:


Now that’s a skirt I wouldn’t mind wearing!

If you’re just curvy and don’t want to hide anything but still want to look retro, try a suit like this one:


You can also get it at Modcloth.  [http://www.modcloth.com/shop/twopiece-swimwear/cutie-pie-picnic-two-piece]
I hope you’re enjoying your summer and remember, there’s a suit for every BODY.

These are some of my favorite websites for vintage-inspired swimsuits:




Retro, Vintage & TV Shows!


Today I had an epiphany!  Where’s my imaginary lightbulb?  Just when I was wondering why I’m obsessed with shows most of my peers consider crappy, I realized they all style at least one character in a retro-esque or vintage-y way.  Before I start defending The Carrie Diaries and Glee, I must explain the difference between vintage and retro.  No, they’re not the same, boys.

So what exactly is vintage?

A vintage item is one that was made at least 20 years ago.  It should fully represent and speak of the era in which it was made.

Your mom wants you to wear her late 1980s wedding dress with the big, poufy sleeves?  Congrats!  Not only are you getting married, but you have the opportunity of showing off a vintage garment—if you’re not intimidated by the cotton candy on your shoulders, that is.

A place to get great vintage dresses is Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique on Etsy.  Check out thrift shops as well!


1950’s dress, Xtabay Vintage

Can I get a holey moly?

What about retro?

A retro piece is a modern item that revives a style from the past when accessorized correctly.  An example of a retro item would be a neon green (first day with a cold, booger color) swing dress.  Neon green, of course, wasn’t “in” when swing dresses were, making it retro, not vintage.

Warning:  Retro can turn costume-y or look outdated when it’s not accessorized referencing the era you and your piece are trying to revive.


 Tile and Tile Again Dress, Modcloth

Now that you know the difference between these two, I can now start talking about my favorite shows. 

Glee, other than being awesome, mainly focuses on Rachel Berry, who is probably the most annoying character.  If you’ve watched the show since the first season, you may have noticed that her style has changed—extremely.

                    loser                                       byada

They used to dress her in a preppy, yet retro way referencing the 1950s-60s and sometimes the Mod era.  They rarely do so now that she’s in college.

                                                  loser 2

Her style consists of sweaters and A-line skirts, mostly in a pastel palette.  It’s perfect for teachers looking for vintage-inspired outfits that are also comfortable.  Forever 21 sells many A-line skirts and button down cardigans for those girls on a budget, like me.  If you have some extra bucks, aim for New Girl’s Jessica Day.  As a matter of fact, you can be inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s everyday outfits.  She screams Modcloth!  Most of her pieces can be found there.

             jessica                    zooey
                      Jessica Day, New Girl                                         Zooey Deschanel, true life

If you’re going for a fun, bright look, focus on Tina, who is now dressed in a very Mod way.  Lots of go go boots, short skirts, bright colors and geometric patterns.  It’s pretty odd because she used to be the goth one of the group.  Maybe her style changed because she’s wanting to get those Rachel Berry solos?

               tina             tina2

Great for partying or tone it down a little to go shopping!

Want to look “muted” sexy?  Just look at Miss Pillsbury (hopefully soon-to-be Mrs. Shue) for inspiration.  She’s always covered up but is often dressed and / or accessorized to make her assets get attention.  She’s sometimes seen with a bulky necklace or with a shirt that has an elaborate collar, making her chest the focal point or with a pencil skirt, drawing attention to her curves.


Her style is absolutely perfect for a first date.  When having dinner, your date’s eyes will be on your face, but most definitely be on another body part when you walk away to powder your nose.  Tone it down a bit and wear something like this for a job interview.  Want her look?  Modcloth is the place to go.  You can also check eBay!

Love the 1980s?  Congrats, VH1 might contact you pretty soon.  It’s time for a remake of those “I Love…”  marathons.   After answering VH1’s call, you might want to check out The Carrie Diaries.  For those living under a rock, it’s a prequel to Sex and The City.  Viewers get to see young Carrie Bradshaw transitioning from high school student to fashion oriented woman.

If you want to dress with an 80s feel, go for bold prints, bright colors and tutu-like skirts.  Don’t be afraid to mix certain prints.

Carrie’s look is a bit expensive.  She’s sometimes dressed in actual vintage dresses.  When she’s not, they almost always dress her in Modcloth, J. Crew and Nordstrom, but some of her looks can be emulated with Forever 21.  Again, be sure to check eBay.  You never know what you might find.

           bold prints                        mix

Too “in your face” for you?  Want to go darker?  Dorrit Bradshaw might be sporting the look you want—at least in the first half of the season.


A pretty helpful website for gals inspired by the fashion seen on TV is Worn on TV (wornontv.net).  I found it hunting down a matryoshka print dress worn by Zooey as Jess in New Girl.  Sadly, it’s almost $300, since it’s an Eva Franco.  Early xmas present, anyone?  Please?


Go ahead, have fun creating new outfits with pieces you already have in your closet and make a list of things you want to add to your collection… But please, put away the Giza Pyramids when you’re done.

mountain of clothes